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Greetings, and Happy New Year!

I’m Shelby, the founder of Funbucha, our kombucha company based in Vienna, Austria. As we welcome the new year, Will and I wanted to update you on our progress.

We’ve mostly kept quiet over the last few months because we’re working to turn this cute little idea of a kombucha company into a fully functioning brand, while ensuring the product tastes absolutely amazing, looks better than anything else on the shelves, doesn’t break your bank, and makes you feel great.

We are overachievers, after all!

If you’ve ever started a company, you probably know it’s akin to cleaning out your closet: first, you have to take everything out, and your room looks way messier than when there were a few sweaters hanging out and shoes thrown on the floor. Maybe it takes a few days, and when your friends stop by, they say, “Didn’t you say you were cleaning your closet three days ago?”

“Yes, Jenny, but it’s hard!!” you answer, giving her your classic three-year-old pout face.

If you’re like Jenny, and you’re wondering when you can buy our kombucha, let me tell you, we’re getting there! Adhering to all the Austrian bureaucratic rules, creating the perfect label, and mastering a flawless production plan all take much time and patience, and involve at least a bi-monthly urge to rip one’s hair out.

As we’ve learned more about the world of kombucha, we’ve let our inspiration allow us to explore new directions, and we’re reinventing many aspects of our brand and products. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned. 👀

All that said, we’re currently aiming to launch in early spring! We are delighted with some of the first flavors we’re going to offer you, and every time I enjoy a bottle of our prototype, my body feels as good as if I’ve just gone for a run or eaten a salad: light, happy, and healthy. I may never have to suffer through a beer again. The bitter, the bloat, the breath? The belly bulge, fuzzy head, and empty wallet? I just want to be able to order kombucha at every bar!

We want to thank you for reading this and rooting for us– send us a message (on Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram), and we’ll give the first 100 respondents a free bottle of kombucha, delivered to your door if you live in Vienna or for pickup at one of our first launch locations, as soon as it’s ready (must be Vienna-based or able to pick up in Vienna).

Wishing you all the best in the new year, and we’ll see you soon!

Shelby and Will

Funbucha Founders


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